XFLAM Panel leads the way in high performance fire resistant panel systems. A syntactic foam core, XFLAM has excellent mechanical strength, superior insulation, low toxicity and is completely recyclable.

The high thermal resistance of XFLAM panel reduces heat flow through walls and ceilings leading to reduced energy consumption, comfortable interior conditions and lower environmental impact.

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XFLAM is based on syntactic technology, using specific Phenolic resins with various filling materials to provide the necessary properties of the composite blend. Various filling materials are used in XFLAM insulation products, including EPS bead and other specialist polymeric substances.

The breakthrough in the development of XFLAM has been the ability to produce acid free syntactic phenolic foams with enhanced fire resistance, excellent mechanical properties and sound environmental performance.

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XFLAM Panel is available in a range of both standard and unique profiles to suit any Roofing, External façade, Internal wall and/or Ceiling application. Please click on any of our 6 most popular profiles below.

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XFLAM Panel comes in a range of Steel Skins with various thicknesses, colours, textures and coatings available.

Available Panel Skin Materials:

  • Colorbond® Metallic Pre-Painted Steel
  • Next Generation Zincalume
  • Colorbond® Pre-Painted Galvanised Steel
  • Printech Steel
  • Pre-Painted Aluminium
  • Colorbond® Permaguard Anti Bacterial Galv. Steel
  • ColorBond® Ultra range (High Performance) Pre-Painted Steel
  • 304 2B Stainless Steel
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The XFLAM panel ‘Slip Joint’ is one of the many features which make the insulated panel one of the easiest building products to work with. The ‘Slip Joint’ contributes to faster and simpler installation whilst also achieving weather tight and air tight joints when the panel and sealants are fully engaged.

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Available joints include:

  • Dual Slip Joint
  • Unideck Roof with Slip Joint
  • Econodeck Roof with Slip Joint
  • Metric Roof with Slip Joint


With extensive ongoing research and development, vigorous testing, FM approval, ISO and GreenTag accreditations, XFLAM continues to lead the industry as the premier performance panel. Whether its cyclones in the west, bush fires in the south or floods in the east XFLAM delivers the ultimate solution for the ever changing environment.

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Features & Benefits

  • Superior Fire Performance
  • FM Approved – Fire Safe
  • Hail Safe and Weather Tight
  • Superior Strength
  • Greater Thermal Efficiency


  • Cyclone Resistant
  • 100% Australian owned and made
  • Superior Clear Spanning to 12m
  • Greentag Approved
  • Total System Warranty
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