XFLAM Fire-rated Insulation Material

XFLAM has continued ongoing research and development with several new generations of XFLAM Panel being developed over the past decade. XFLAM has optimised a rigid insulation material which has exceptional fire resistant properties, making it the premier insulated panel system.
XFLAM Insulation


Xflam Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne, Australia and is a member of the Askin Performance Panels Group. Xflam insulation was originally developed by the EDM-CECO Group in Belfast Northern Ireland, and Xflam Pty Ltd has since applied this technology to continuous insulated panel lamination. XFLAM Pty Ltd own worldwide patents for this exciting and unique technology.

Askin Performance Panels established Xflam Pty Ltd in 2005 demonstrating a commitment to innovation and leadership of the Australasian insulated panel industry. Askin’s history dates from establishment of the first Melbourne panel factory in 1964 with the original patentee of the manufacturing process.

Askin Performance Panels Group now has a network of 10 sites providing development, design, manufacturing and construction services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

XFLAM History

The insulated panel industry has in the recent past been dominated by a number of core materials including polystyrene (EPS), mineral wool and polyurethane/polyisocyanurate (PU/PIR). Prior to these materials cold stores were commonly built of red brick, bitumen, cork and plaster. The advent of EPS insulated panels resulted in the built up systems quickly becoming obsolete with EPS being the preferred cold store cladding due to excellent mechanical properties, workability and light weight. Each of the panel based insulation products have particular characteristics which offer different benefits in terms of thermal performance, weight, and workability. They all however have specific disadvantages without an overall fit for purpose ability across different applications.

Additionally during the 90s the insurance industry started to look more closely at the potential contribution to fire from building materials and identified expanded polystyrene as a high risk material for fire exposure. In particular low resistance to radiated heat load when the foam shrinks back quite rapidly with loss of structural integrity and creation of a cavity in the wall. XFLAM recognised the need for a single product offering all the positive aspects of these materials without associated limitations.

Although Askin has been manufacturing fire resistant mineral wool cored panel using core material supplied from offshore for many years, the entry point for Askin Performance Panels into fire resistant insulation manufacture came with the initial XFLAM patents being filed in 2004. From this base technology XFLAM has optimised a rigid insulation material which has exceptional fire resistance properties, excellent strength and low thermal conductivity, making it the premier insulated panel system. Research and development continues with several new generations of XFLAM Panel being developed over the past decade including new patent filing in 2013, providing options for optimising different properties and alternative production technologies

The first XFLAM manufacturing facility in Australia was commissioned in 2006 and further production capacity is being brought on stream as demand builds for products which can demonstrate lower fire risk, and greater cyclone resistance for insurers.

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